I’ve built a Laravel 7 client management application to manage complex billing for another much larger product. The application creates an invoice and dynamic line items (based on active features, licence overages, crazy pricing tiers, custom discounts and ad-hoc unique items) locally and then exports it to Xero via their API.

Using a daily scheduled job, the payment for these invoices are processed days later using Stripe (credit card or BECS) based on the respective client’s payment terms. A successful payment will then be applied to the invoice in Xero.

But what if a client pays their invoice before the…

So you’re considering becoming certified against ISO27001:2013, Information Security Management Systems? Congratulations!

A cliché image to represent data, information and security

Likely due to an increase in discovered or reported data breaches over recent years, clients (clients/customers/users) have become more aware of how personal information, business and transactional data is being stored and managed within systems and applications. As a result of this awareness, their expectations of organisations whom they interact with has also increased.

Being in a B2B environment, it’s becoming more common for information security questioning to form part of a prospect’s due diligence. …

In your opinion, which is the ‘opposite side’? For me, and most of the Australian population, that would be the left-hand side.

source: caradvice.com.au

If like me you have lived in Australia your whole life and are familiar with mainly domestic or Japanese manufactured cars like Holden, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru or Nissan you may not realise that some European cars sold in Australia have an indicator stalk where the windscreen wiper stalk belongs (on the left).

I recently drove my partner’s Volkswagen Golf, a make and model manufactured and assembled in Germany, a left-hand drive (LHD) market, and consequently has an…

Rod Staines

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